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2004 - 2005 Texas School Directory (as of August 2004)

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Download complete directory:

Texas School Directory, 2004-2005 (2.3 MB)

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Title Page
State Board of Education
Subject List of Texas Education Agency Offices
Texas Education Agency, Organizational Chart
Texas Education Agency Personnel and Telephone Numbers
Index of Public School Districts
Texas Public Schools, 2004-2005
Texas Public Schools Explanation of Symbols and Terms
Additions, Deletions, Consolidations, and Annexations of School Districts and Charter Schools
Texas Public Schools Listing, 2004-2005
Members of Local Boards, Assistant Superintendents, Business Managers, and Peims Coordinators
Education Service Center Regions
Map of Regional Education Service Centers
Executive Directors Regional Education Service Centers
Public School Districts Served by Education Service Center Regions
State Board of Education Districts
Map of Texas State Board of Education Districts
Texas State Board of Education Members
Public School Districts Listed Alphabetically with State Board of Education District Numbers
Public School Districts in State Board of Education Districts
Accredited Non-Public Schools
Compliance Statement
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